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Westbriar Elementary School PTA


There is so much work behind the scenes to keep the PTA going, we want to express our sincere appreciation to the following volunteers:

September 2022

  • To Samar Aziz for all of her hard work organizing the room parents and getting them started off on the right foot. Room parents play a critical role in linking Westbriar families to their student's teachers and classrooms so thank you for ensuring our room parents are successful!
    • To all our Fall Festival volunteers for making our first in-person event in over two years a huge success. We are looking forward to many more fantastic events this year.
  • To all our Field Day volunteers for braving the colder temperatures to make field day memorable for all our students.

October 2022

  • To Nehal Dadbhawala for all of your hard work on the front display case. You creativity helps get our students excited about upcoming events and brings a welcoming feel to the entrance of our school
  • To Adam Strawn for all of your enthusiasm and dedication that contributed to a successful Feed the Falcon! Without you, we would never have reached out $20,000 goal.
  • To all our Halloween Bingo volunteers for making the return of this classic Westbriar event a success.

November 2022

  • To Julianna Lieu for all of your amazing work last week on the book fair. Your continued support of this amazing event is one of a kind. You are truly appreciated.

December 2022

  • To Krissy Satterfield for all your hard work as a PTA board member and Treasurer. We appreciate all you do to ensure we can meet our financial obligations and continue to offer the amazing programs are families have come to love and expect.
  • To Julianna Lieu for all your hard work on the Family Skate Night. It was great to keep this traditional Westbriar event alive this year.

January 2023

  • To Kristy Creagh for always having amazing ideas and being willing to lend a hand.

February 2023

  • To Kerry Fraatz for all your flexibility and quick perfect minutes to keep us all going on the right track.
  • To Kristy Creagh for planning our first Week of Love. We were successfully able to sign up new members and raise some additional money for the school! Also, a thank you to our front office staff for helping with printing and coordination throughout the week. 
  • To Bhavin Dave for organizing our annual Spelling Bee. It was wonderful to bring this event back in-person this year. Also, a big thanks to our judges and pronouncer, without whom, this event would not have been possible!
  • To Ms. Fuselier for helping with the Read Across America spirit weeks and Read-a-thon.

March 2023

  • To Ms. McGrady for all of your support and assistance with CommunityUse. Without you, our enrichment programs could not happen!
  • To Ms. Alsado and Melissa Burgum for organizing and leading our Westbriar 5K. The event was truly a success because of all the work you put into the event over the last few months. Also, a big thank you to all of our other volunteers who helped before the event - Ms. Chernov, Ms. Cunningham, and Ms. Lee - for helping with organizing supplies and creating the marketing materials, Irene Kariampuzha for organizing the t-shirt distribution, and all our day of volunteers for supporting this amazing event!
April 2023
  • To Roopa Chowbey for coming back and running our Science Fair. It was so nice to see all our students back in-person at this event. All of our participants did a fantastic job on their presentations.

May 2023

  • To Katie Bayer and Kristy Creagh for assisting with the planning and execution of our Staff Appreciation Week events. Also, a huge thank you to all our volunteers on Friday evening before the event, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week for helping during each of our events. Finally, to all our students, families, and classroom parents for showering our teachers and staff with so much love.

July 2023

  •  To Nathan Dean, Amy Hanke, and Brandon White for assisting with the auditing of our financial reports. 

    August 2023

  • To Julianna Lieu for all your hard work in running the school supplies program. 
  • To Jenny White for welcoming out staff back with a delicious meal this week and for serving as our Staff Hospitality Chair.
  • To Zach Clay and Kate Katch for organizing our summer kindergarten playdates. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our Westbriar family!
  • To Katie Bayer for a decorative front display case.
  • To all our Fall Festival volunteers for making this event a huge success. We are looking forward to many more fantastic events this year.
    • October 2023

    • To Krissy Satterfield for all the work you do on our books to ensure we are able to offer all the wonderful programs our families have come to expect.
    • To Kristina Glines for all the work on enrichment and a successful start to our enrichment programs this school year!
    • To Samar Aziz for setting up our room parent program for this year and providing support to our classroom teachers through the room parent program.
    • To all our Field Day volunteers thank you so much for your time. There is no way we could do this event without you!
    • To Cristina Sison for all your help on the corporate sponsorships for Feed the Falcon!
    • To Ms. Revelo and Mr. Strawn for helping with the Falcon Dance videos.
    • To  Ms. Cockerill and the Student Council for their creations and announcements for the Falcon Dance!
    • To all our Falcon Volunteers for making this event successful.
    • To all our Halloween Bingo Volunteers who signed up to donate and volunteer, this event wouldn’t be successful without your help.
    • To Ava Wang for running the Halloween Bingo.
    • To our Admin team: Ms. Tam, Ms. Butzer and Ms. Lear for helping out in selling the tickets and cleanup after the Halloween Bingo.

    November 2023

    • To our proud Westbriar Science Olympiad Team, the students that participated brought home 12 medals in total. 
    • To all our Book Fair volunteers this event wouldn’t be successful without your help.
    • To Julianna Lieu and Scott Shimooka for all of your hard work on the book fair. Your continued support of this amazing event is incredible. You are truly appreciated.

    January 2024

    • To Jennifer Sellers, thank you for bringing back the Cultural Heritage Night and all the hard work you put into it.
    • To all our Cultural Heritage Night Volunteers for making this event successful.

    February 2024

    • To Bhavin Dave and Sharon Singh for organizing our annual Spelling Bee and all the hard work you put into it.
    • To Ms Tam, Ms Lear, Ms Jackson and Mr Warren a big thanks to our judges and pronouncer, without whom, this event would not have been possible!

    March 2024

    • To Jordan Taylor and Jen Staman for helping with Penny Wars.
    • To all the money counters for volunteering in Penny Wars.

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