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Spring 2023 Enrichment Programs

Registration is now closed.

Spring Enrichment Classes will begin the week of 4/10 and run for 8 weeks. Due to the large number of days off Friday classes will only run for 7 weeks.

Registration will take placed through our Third Party Vendor, Kiddo. Once registration opens (week of 3/6), a link will be provided below to our registration page. Please note, that when you register for a class your registration will display as "Pending." Once a class reaches its minimum number of participants, the vendors will accept registrations in the order they are received. Your method of payment will not be charged until the class meets its minimum number of students and the vendor accepts your registration. Once your registration is accepted and your method of payment is charged, NO REFUNDS will be issued.

A few things to note:

  • Classes DO NOT display a live time update with the number of available spots. Once a class reaches its maximum number of students the vendor WILL NOT accept any more registrations and the class will be removed from the Kiddo Registration page but this is not real time. If there is a class your student is very interested in, please plan to register early. Vendors CANNOT exceed their maximum number of students.
  • Each class has an assigned grade range. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these grade ranges.
  • Once your registration is accepted and your method of payment is changed, there are NO REFUNDS.

Chess Club on Tuesday through the US Chess Center has started their spring session and registration is closed. 

The Art Club on Mondays is a non-profit class. More information about the class can be found below in descriptions section. Since this is a non-profit group, registration for this class will occur through our PTA website. 

    Below is a schedule for our winter enrichment classes. Those classes in BLUE meet in the morning before school and those in GRAY meet in the afternoon after school.

    To Register for Spring Enrichment classes please visit our Kiddo Registration Page.

    If you have any additional questions, please email Morgan Zubof at






    Chess Club K-1

    Nothing but Net 4-6

    Secret Agent Lab K-2

    Art Club 2-6

      Hip Hop K-6

      Chess Club 2-6

      Upcycle Art K-3

      Karate K-5

      Nothing but Net K-3

      Sum Math Fun 1-6

        Yoga Pretzels 2-6

        Tiny Chefs K-6

        Coding with Fun 1-6 

          Mudskippers Pottery K-6

          Robotics 1-6

          Art Club: This club is offered by a not for profit group. The class will be taught by IB High School Students from Marshall High School. There will be adult supervision at all club meetings; however, instruction will come from the high school students. All volunteer adult supervisors will go through the same background check process as our for profit providers. As a result, this club is only charging a small fee to cover the cost of art supplies. Over the course of these 8 classes, students will creating multiple pieces of art and will then choose one work to display at an internal art show at the end of the program. Each class will be dedicated to develop techniques with a new material. The first two classes will be the basic foundation for the rest of the sessions; afterwards, students will be able to choose the medium of their final art piece for the showcase from the following options: Colored pencils - shading techniques, color layeringInk - markers, brush pens, line artSoft & oil pastels - blending techniques, complementary colorsWatercolor - brush techniques, layering (will last for more than one class in order to teach students proper techniques)Collages & mixed media - allows students to use their favorite previous materials to produce a larger piece. - Monday Afternoons, Grades 2-6

          Chess Club (Magnus Chess Academy): We’ve taught 100,000 children to play including state & national champions, but most students are beginners looking to learn a new skill and have FUN. Class time is divided between lessons and practice games. Lessons range from the basic rules to advanced tournament strategies. Students will have the opportunity to play in tournaments (in-person and online) outside of club time. This in-person club includes free online extras including weekly practice tournaments and an event with world champion Magnus Carlsen or Judit Polgar, the best female chess player of all time. All chess supplies provided. All skill levels are welcome. - Monday Mornings, Grades K-1

          Coding For Fun: This Stemtree’s Coding After School Program uses Scratch and teaches students the concepts of computer programming in a fun and interactive way, while developing their basic reasoning and problem-solving skills. We teach students how to create and develop computer programs (games, stories, etc.) instead of playing them. They will combine multimedia elements to create and share their own interactive stories, animations, games, music and art. Students will also create their own computer programs to implement computer games and combine multiple concepts taught throughout the program. It is important to note that children who attended our previous Stemtree camps or our after school program(s) will have different activities and continue learning new STEM concepts based on their prior work with us. - Thursday Afternoons, Grades 1-6

          Crazy Running: Our program is designed to help develop coordination and athleticism in young kids. No matter what sport your kids are getting ready for, running can get them in great condition and help them become balanced, well-rounded athletes. We teach the fundamentals using structured practices, form drills, running specific exercises, and running specific plyometrics. We believe in teaching kids to run correctly, being challenged aerobically each practice, and having fun with running games designed to bring out the competitive spirit. We are running made fun where kids enjoy an hour of after school running and exercise with friends. - Monday Afternoons, Grades K-6

          Flag Football: Our goals are simple: Get Better. Have Fun. And these apply to everything. It's the goal for our flag football players. It's the aim of our coaching staff and referees. Our leagues are bigger than x's and o's. They're about improving and enjoying an active, positive community. Hour Long Session teaching kids basic routes, going through fun flag pulling drills and scrimmaging! - Thursday Afternoon, Grades K-6

          Hip Hop: Does your child love to dance in the car or attempt break dancing in the kitchen? Then this might be the class for them! In this high energy hip hop dance class, students will learn the fundamentals of this increasingly popular dance form including break dancing, popping and locking, and freezes, as well as iconic hip hop movements including the cabbage patch, the wave, the snake, and more! Class emphasizes rhythm and style, personal expression, choreography, basic strengthening and conditioning, and having fun! Class culminates with an informal end of session in class parent show! - Tuesday Mornings, Grades K-6

          Karate: This popular class is a disciplined introduction to the sport by Kaizen Karate.  Your child will learn the beautiful art of karate while gaining safety and defensive skills in a respectful environment.  The class will also emphasize the basic karate principles of focus, patience, and self-discipline.  Returning students will continue to work toward new belts while first-time students will be able to start the belt program. - Tuesday Afternoons, Grades K-5

          Mudskippers Pottery: Join Mudskippers Pottery! Come get your hands dirty as we explore all things in the world of pottery with stoneware clay, fired bisqueware and modeling clay. Each session our students explore new projects and artworks. Come on and see how much fun it is to get muddy! - Friday Afternoons, Grades K-6

          Nothing But Net: The All Sports class will begin with tag games and warm up activities to start the day. We will work on basketball skills like dribble moves, passing, lay ups, shooting drills, dribble knockout and play modified games. We will also play different sports each week like soccer, pillow polo, dodgeball, skittles and other PE games. - Monday Mornings, Grades 4-6; Wednesday Mornings, Grades K-3

          Robotics: All facets of our life are affected by engineering -- genetic, civil, software -- just to name a few. To be successful in the field of engineering, creative problem-solving abilities are a must. Robo-Fun uses the wonder and genius of robots to inspire students to learn engineering, apply their knowledge and skills of basic science, model construction, computer programming, and problem solving to explore STEM concepts. This program utilizes instructional time, assessments, and hands-on activities to reinforce key concepts and improve problem-solving skills while having fun. Robo-Fun is both a perfect introduction to the world of robotics for younger students and an opportunity to expand the knowledge base of older students. It is important to note that children who attended our previous Stemtree camps or our after school program(s) will have different activities and continue learning new STEM concepts based on their prior work with us. - Friday Afternoons; Grades 1-6

          Tech Club: Each class involves an exciting, hands-on activity, designed to teach a new skill! While the skills build upon each other, the program is structured to allow students to join at any time during the school year. - Wednesday Afternoons, Grades 2-6

          Tiny Chefs - Tropical Fusion: Sip on incredible fruit smoothies made from fresh pineapple, coconuts, papayas, and other scrumptious island fruits. Students will make tropical salsas with mangoes and pineapples—it will feel like an island paradise! Students are introduced to tropical spices, such as jerk and curry, in fabulous dishes from the islands. - Thursday afternoons, Grades K-6

          Secret Agent Lab: Ever wanted to be a detective? Do you think you have what it takes to discover “who done it”? If so, this program is for you! From secret communications and detective crime science to the inner workings of our cells and cool chemistry. Each class, we sleuth out the answers to every day mysteries! Classes include: Crime Lab, Junior Detectives, Spy Academy, and many more! - Monday Afternoon, Grades K-2

          Soccer / Fitness Class: The Youth Soccer & Fitness class goes over the fundamentals of soccer and at the same time enhances the children's physical activity. Children will explore their natural disposition for having a spontaneous joyful approach to soccer while also maintaining their fitness levels at a high. Classes are for K-6th grade and focus on coordination, self esteem building and improving overall fitness levels. Even at these early age groups one can recognize individual talents and work towards letting them shine! - Wednesday Afternoons, Grades K-6 CANCELLED

          Soccer Sports Agility Class: Presented by the Brazilian soccer School, The focus of this class is helping students K-6 in mastering the technical skills needed in the game of soccer. The focus is to ensure our players are two-footed, and quick in movement and decision making, we also continue to develop their spatial awareness and ability to change the tempo and direction of the game. We incorporate the principles of teamwork into the training and adopt multiple systems of play. They attain all these skills through exciting drills and practice scrimmages. - Friday Afternoons, Grades K-6 CANCELLED

          Sum Math Fun: The Stemtree Math After School Program is a customized, grade-specific curriculum that incorporates engaging exercises and physical manipulatives to make math more enjoyable. Our objective is for students to not only comprehend math but also to be able to apply what they've learned in class to their daily life. The Stemtree math curriculum provides a solid foundation for children to build on, as well as guidance for kids who may already know the basics but require assistance with more complicated concepts. It is important to note that children who attended our previous Stemtree camps or our after school program(s) will have different activities and continue learning new STEM concepts based on their prior work with us. - Wednesday Afternoons, Grades 1-6

          Ultimate Magic: The magic class that Westbriar has been waiting for! Magician Joe Romano and his team of wizards present The Ultimate Magic Academy’s Black Wand Magic Class. Your kids will learn incredible new magic that features Jungle Bugs,  Carnival Characters, Alien Passports and more! All custom materials included! - Friday Afternoons, Grades 2-6

          UpCycle Art: Up Cycle ‘trash’ and recyclable materials into creative creations such as murals, decorative containers, and wearable art. Let your creativity run wild, dream big, and help the environment along with way as you stretch your artsy side. - Tuesday Afternoon, Grades K-3

          Yoga Pretzels: Explore the movements of yoga, the focus of mindfulness, the playfulness of games and then relax the body and bring creativity to the mind through visualization. Budding yogis will be well equipped to take the tools they learn into and outside of the classroom with greater focus, concentration and confidence, while having a ton of fun! - Thursday Mornings, Grades 2-6

          Contact Enrichment Program Coordinator Morgan Zubof at with any questions or for clarifications.

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